Intention to Submit to Botanica Scotia

Please complete this and return it by 31st March 2024. We do appreciate that there may still be some uncertainty regarding your submissions but please provide as much information as possible at this stage. We are particularly interested in the ’back story’ for your chosen subjects.

Download the Intention to Submit form as a Word doc
Download the Intention to Submit form as a PDF (Print and fill in)
Download the Intention to Submit form as a Pages file


We will be holding an exhibition in Edinburgh in May 2025 to allow all artists from Scotland who are contributing to the World Day of Botanical art to fully participate. This will also allow members of the public to visit the exhibition and view all of the exhibits. Visitors to the  exhibition will also have the opportunity to purchase paintings.

The venue will be in the vibrant area of Leith, Edinburgh and will run from 15th May to 20th May 2025.  There will be costs associated with hiring the exhibition venue and so we will have to charge a hanging fee and in order to keep that as low as possible we are seeking sponsorship. If you have expertise in this area, or know of someone who may like to sponsor the exhibition, please do get in touch.

During this time we will be able to ‘show case’ the Scottish entry to the global Botanical Art Worldwide day when all participating countries entries will be shown online commencing with the rise of the sun as it travels around the globe.

We now have some criteria for the size of your paintings, type of mounting, style and colour of framing. This applies to all entries.

Please make sure that your work meets this criteria – illustration sizes and framing requirements.

If your work is already mounted and framed and you want to enter it into the exhibition it will need to be reframed in line with the criteria.  Alternatively y,ou may enter it for consideration to the on-line exhibition only.

Additional information about heritage fruits and vegetables is available on the website. Please remember that the exhibition is not restricted to fruit and vegetables and that other examples of crops were provided in previous guidelines – specimen plant lists.