Specimen Plant Lists

 Fruit crops

We are extremely lucky to be working with RBGE (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and SASA (Science and Advice for Sottish Agriculture). They are helping us to identify some of the heritage and ancient crops, plus crop wild relatives and have put together some lists of available plants that fit our theme.

These lists are not exhaustive and are to provide an idea of what can be worked on for the Botanica Scotia 2024 show, specimens that are already being worked upon are starred *. If you wish to work on one of the starred species please get in touch with us to check first as we would prefer to have a wide variety of plants covered for the exhibition. Crops listed in bold we now have two submissions of so please choose something else.

Please get in touch with us to let us know what you are working on and if you would like to work on any from the following lists.


1. Black Auchan – Pear (RBGE collection)
2. Fair Maggie – Pear (RBGE collection)
3. Lothian Red – Apple (Duddingston Orchard) RBGE growing but too young for fruit.*
4. Lady of Wemyss – Apple (Duddingston Orchard) *
5. Early Julyan/Tam Montgomery – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston)
6. Scrog – Apple (Duddingston Orchard & Priorwood) RBGE growing but too young for fruit.
7. White Melrose – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard) *
8. White Paradise – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
9. James Grieve – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
10. Cutler Grieve – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
11. Clydeside – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
12. Coul Blush – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
13. Direlton Red – Apple (Duddingston Orchard)
14. Cambusnethan Pippin (Duddingston Orchard)
15. Alderman – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
16. Port Allen Russett – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
17. Bloody Ploughman – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard) **
18. Thorle Pippin – Apple (Duddingston Orchard) RBGE grow but to young for fruit
19. Scotch Bridget – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)
20. Seaton House – Apple (RBGE Collection & Duddingston Orchard)

Vegetable crops

These are potential varieties that SASA could provide seeds of for the botanical art project as it will be getting near time for starting these growing soon.

Once we know exactly what you would like from the SASA we need to complete a material transfer form (MTA) to state you won’t be using the material for anything other than the purpose it is provided, and won’t be claiming ownership of the varieties.  Please contact  info@botanicascotia.uk for a referral and more information.

1)      Swede varieties : Balmoral & Doon Major (these are biennial, so you would need to have existing plants to include flowers and fruiting parts)
2)      Turnip varieties : Aberdeen Green Top Yellow & The Bruce
3)      Onion variety : The Kelsae
4)      Cabbage/Kale variety : Shetland Cabbage/Kale**
5)      Pea variety : Gradus**
6)      Grass : Scots Timothy
7)      Cereals: Bere Barley**, Shetland Oat & Hebridean Rye*

Seeds Now available

We now have some seeds ready to pass out, there are a limited supply, however, we have enough of each type of seed to supply two artists. One * denotes that a portion has already been allocated to an artist.

Swede Doon Major
Swede Balmoral
Turnip Aberdeen Green Top Yellow
Turnip The Bruce
Onion The Kelsae*
Cabbage/Kale Shetland Cabbage/Kale *
Pea Gradus ***
Timothy Scots
Barley Bere *
Oat Shetland
Rye Hebridean *

Please get in touch to let us know if you would like some seed info@botanicascotia.uk

Functional crops

Please remember that there are also functional crops such as hemp, wode, etc that you can also explore, please refer back to the guidelines for more details.

Check back to see more as we add to these lists.

The following crops have been selected by artists as possible submissions on their intent to submit forms, as well as those * above:

Calluna Vulgaris *
Bullace ‘Prunus Domestica’ sub species Insititia var negra *
Inula campana, Elecampane *
Rheum x hybridum Murray, Rhubarb *
Brussel Sprout *
Mallus Domestica *
Carline Thistle *
Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ *
Vicia faba L.  – Broad Bean, Bean Leathann *
Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray –  Hairy Tare, Gall-pheasair *
Onobrychis viciifolia Scop. – Sainfoin, Saoidh-dhearg *
Malus ‘Lass o Gowrie’ *
Malus ‘Hawthornden’ *
Pyrus ‘Grey Benvie’ *
‘Beauty of Murray’ Apple *
Gordon Castle Plum *
Turnip, Purple Top Milan *
Cabbage, January King *
Broad Bean, Crimson Flowered *
Rubus fruticosus, Bramble **
Pisum sativum ‘Gradus’***
Sea Buckthorne*
Seaweed (species to be defined)
Flax *
Shetland Cabbage/Kale ***
Bitter Vetch *
Lathyius linifolius *
Mussleburgh Leek *
Tomato Lister’s perfection *
Onion The Kelsae*