Botanica Scotia is the Scottish contingent of the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition which will take place on 18th May 2025

If you know of other botanical artists resident in Scotland who may be interested in the above event, please do share this information with them.


Seeds Now Available

We now have some seeds ready to pass out, there are a limited supply, however, we have enough of each type of seed to supply two artists. One * denotes that a portion has already been allocated to an artist.

Swede Doon Major
Swede Balmoral
Turnip Aberdeen Green Top Yellow
Turnip The Bruce
Onion The Kelsae
Cabbage/Kale Shetland Cabbage/Kale *
Pea Gradus
Timothy Scots
Barley Bere *
Oat Shetland
Rye Hebridean *

Please get in touch to let us know if you would like some seed

Intention to submit is due by the end of March

Please send your forms in >>


Heritage crops, diversity & sustainability

This exhibition will focus on celebrating biodiversity in the crops that have been closely associated with the human species over thousands of years, specifically; Heritage Crops, Crop Wild Relatives and Ancient Crops. Please download the guidelines to find more in-depth information on these categories and how to enter.


Guidelines to Artists

Click here to download the guidelines in pdf format

Please email  if you have any questions.



Please check out our resources section for guidelines, intention to submit, illustration size and framing requirements, and plant lists

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